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absoluteSine(timeElapsed, duration, frequency) — Static method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.easing.Oscillate
Oscillates between 0 and 1.0 (starting with 0 and ending with 1.0) for as long as the duration lasts in an absolute sinusoidal (half-wave) motion.
AbstractAction — Class in package org.as3lib.kitchensync.action
This can be any action that takes place at a specifity time and uses the Synchronizer class to coordinate timing.
AbstractAction() — Constructor in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.AbstractAction
AbstractActionGroup — Class in package org.as3lib.kitchensync.action
AbstractActionGroup() — Constructor in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.AbstractActionGroup
AbstractEnforcer — Class in package org.as3lib.utils
AbstractError — Class in package org.as3lib.errors
An error class used to ensure the correct behavior of asbsract classes.
AbstractError(message, id) — Constructor in class org.as3lib.errors.AbstractError
actionComplete — Event in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.AbstractAction
ActionControllerCommand — Class in package org.as3lib.kitchensync.action
A set of commands to be used in conjunction with the ActionController class.
ActionControllerCommand(string) — Constructor in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.ActionControllerCommand
actionPause — Event in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.AbstractAction
actionStart — Event in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.AbstractAction
actionUnpause — Event in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.AbstractAction
actualFrameRate — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.utils.FrameRateView
add(timestampA:org.as3lib.kitchensync.core:Timestamp, timestampB:org.as3lib.kitchensync.core:Timestamp) — Static method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.utils.TimestampUtil
Adds the two timestamps and returns a new one that is the sum of the two times.
addAction(action:org.as3lib.kitchensync.action:IAction, ... rest) — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.AbstractActionGroup
Adds an action to the group.
addActionAtIndex(action:org.as3lib.kitchensync.action:IAction, index) — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.AbstractActionGroup
Adds an action to the group at the specified index.
addEventListenerToTarget(listener, useCapture, priority) — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.KSDispatchEvent
Allows you to add an event listener to the target that is dispatching the event.
addEventTrigger(dispatcher, eventType) — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.AbstractAction
Causes the action to start playing when a specified event is fired.
addTrigger(trigger:org.as3lib.kitchensync.action:IAction) — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.AbstractAction
Causes the action to start playing when another event completes.
addTweenTarget(tweenTarget:org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.tweentarget:ITweenTarget) — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.KSTween
_aliases — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.ObjectParserReservedWord
aliases — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.ObjectParserReservedWord
allReservedWords — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.ObjectParserReservedWord
_args — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.KSFunction
Arguments that will be passed into the function.
autoDelete — Static property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.KitchenSyncDefaults
_autoDelete — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.AbstractAction
autoDelete — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.AbstractAction
autoDelete is a flag that indicates whether the action should be killed when it is done executing.
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