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filters — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.tweentarget.FilterTargetProperty
FilterTargetProperty — Class in package org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.tweentarget
FilterTargetProperty(target, filterType, property, startValue, endValue) — Constructor in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.tweentarget.FilterTargetProperty
_filterType — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.tweentarget.FilterTargetProperty
filterType — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.tweentarget.FilterTargetProperty
filterType — Property in interface org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.tweentarget.IFilterTweenTarget
filterType — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.tweentarget.SimpleBlurTweenTarget
forceUpdate() — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.AbstractAction
Foreces the update() method to fire without being triggered by Synchronizer.
formattingFunction — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.utils.FrameRateView
The function used to format the text displayed in the textfield.
_frameIdentifier — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.KSMovieClipController
A frame identifier could be a string or a frame number to play
frameIdentifier — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.KSMovieClipController
frameRate — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.core.Synchronizer
The frameRate (as defined in the stage)
frameRateSeed — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.core.Synchronizer
Sets the framerate seed for the synchronizer.
FrameRateView — Class in package org.as3lib.kitchensync.utils
A text field that displays the approximate buffered framerate of the synchronizer.
FrameRateView() — Constructor in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.utils.FrameRateView
FRAMES_SEARCH — Constant static property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.utils.TimeStringParser_en
framesToMilliseconds(frames) — Static method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.utils.TimestampUtil
Convert frames to milliseconds based on the framerate of the Synchronizer.
_func — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.KSFunction
func — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.KSFunction
The function that will be called by the action.
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