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Random — Class in package org.as3lib.kitchensync.easing

Random produces random values between 0.0 and 1.0.

register() — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.AbstractAction
Adds the action as a listener to the Synchronizer's update event.
registerClient(client:org.as3lib.kitchensync.core:ISynchronizerClient) — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.core.Synchronizer
Adds a Syncrhonizer client to the list that will be updated when the dispatchUpdate() method is called.
removeAction(action:org.as3lib.kitchensync.action:IAction) — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.AbstractActionGroup
Removes an action from the group.
removeActionAtIndex(index) — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.AbstractActionGroup
Removes an action at the specified index.
removeAllTweenTargets() — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.KSTween
removeEventListenerFromTarget(listener, useCapture) — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.KSDispatchEvent
Allows you to remove an event listener from the target that is dispatching the event.
removeEventTrigger(dispatcher, eventType) — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.AbstractAction
Removes an event trigger added by addEventTrigger().
removeTrigger(trigger:org.as3lib.kitchensync.action:IAction) — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.AbstractAction
Removes a trigger added with addTrigger().
removeTweenTarget(tweenTarget:org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.tweentarget:ITweenTarget) — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.KSTween
reset() — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.KSTween
Stops the tween and sets the target property to the start value.
reset() — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.tweentarget.FilterTargetProperty
reset() — Method in interface org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.tweentarget.ITweenTarget
Reset the value to it's pre-tweened state.
reset() — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.tweentarget.SimpleBlurTweenTarget
reset() — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.tweentarget.SoundTransformTarget
Returns the current value to the start value.
reset() — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.tweentarget.TargetProperty
Returns the tweenTarget to its pre-tweened state
reset() — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.tweentarget.TimelineController
RESET — Constant static property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.ActionControllerCommand
reset() command.
resetChildrenAtStart — Static property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.KitchenSyncDefaults
resetChildrenAtStart — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.AbstractActionGroup
If true, the group's KSTween children will reset to their default positions when the group is started.
_result — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.KSFunction
result — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.KSFunction
The result of the function (if the function generates one.
reverse() — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.KSTween
Flips the values for to and from values.
reverseChildOrder() — Method in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.AbstractActionGroup
Reverse the order that the children play back in.
_running — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.AbstractAction
_running — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.KSSimpleTween
Set to true internally if when the start() method is called (false when stopped).
_runningChildren — Property in class org.as3lib.kitchensync.action.KSParallelGroup
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