IAction An action is a type that represents any kind of happening that takes place at a certain time.
 ITween Indicates a tween class.
 ITweenObjectParser An algorithm that parses data from an object into tween data.
 AbstractAction This can be any action that takes place at a specifity time and uses the Synchronizer class to coordinate timing.
 ActionControllerCommand A set of commands to be used in conjunction with the ActionController class.
 KSActionController Executes a function within another AbstractSynchronizedAction when executed.
 KSAsynchronousFunction An action for calling an asynchronous function that is expected to dipatch an event when it completes.
 KSDispatchEvent An object that causes an event to be dispatched at the time of execution.
 KSFunction Packages up a function to be run at a specified time or as part of a sequence.
 KSMovieClipController Tells a target MovieClip to play a specified frame.
 KSParallelGroup A group of actions that executes all at once the group is started and the delay is reached.
 KSRandomGroup A sequence of actions that plays back in a random order.
 KSSequenceGroup A group of actions that execute one at a time in the order that they were added to the group.
 KSSetProperty SynchronizedAction to set a property for any object to a specified value.
 KSSimpleTween A simplified version of the KSTween class with NO bells or whistles.
 KSSimultaneousEndGroup A parallel group where all children END at the same time instead of starting at the same time.
 KSSoundController A sound that will be played back at the specified delay.
 KSStaggeredGroup A group of actions that executes in sequence seperated by a specified gap.
 KSStepedSequenceGroup A sequence that plays each child then pauses until it is started again.
 KSTrace Traces a message at the specified time.
 KSTween A tween will change an object's numeric value over time.
 KSWait Does nothing except wait.
 ObjectParserReservedWord Represents a reserved word used in a tween object parser.
 TweenFactory Provides a convenient interface for creating all types of tweens.