Mims H. Wright


Portrait of Mims Wright

I am Mims H. Wright, a multi-disciplinary software developer, speaker and author living and working in Los Angeles, California. I specialize in high-quality applications, sites, and games for mobile and web.

In my 18 years of experience, I've worked on dozens of projects with a variety of agencies both large and small. As a Principal Web Engineer at HUGE I led the front-end development team to deliver for some of the company's most important clients. I am an author of the ActionScript 3.0 Bible and a contributor of numerous open-source projects. I speak about programming topics from game development to binary math to best practices.

My strong technical skills and background in design make me a great balance between creative and engineer. I can be counted on for a solution to a problem or a perspective that nobody else in the room can offer. I believe in direct and honest communication and I hate unnecessary meetings.

I love travel, rock climbing, coding, learning languages, and designing games. I'm also a successful finisher of the Mongol Rally and a father of two.

My Philosophy

I believe in making excellent software

I believe not just in excellent programming practices but in making a great product. I strive to always bring value to whatever project I take on and always offer new ideas when I think something could be better. I push for code to be well-structured, well-tested, and understandable. My design education and experience working on projects of all types gives me the tools to discuss solutions with designers in a language they can understand.

Curiosity, potential and understanding are more important than past experience

Tools, platforms, and frameworks change so frequently that no two projects are the same. Instead of learning everything I focus on applying my past experience to learn new concepts quickly. I love to be challenged and appreciate a chance to try something new. By reading about and experimenting with different languages and architectures, I can bring a diversity of concepts to the table regardless of the platform I'm working with.

Great teams with open communication make great software

Projects run best when everyone is listening and sharing. That is why I strive to understand the intentions of designers and business owners and bring technology insights to the table as early as possible. I believe in sharing knowledge with the community by writing, presenting and teaching.